Kids, Kayaking and Coochie

“Shall we take the kids kayaking at Coochie?” I didn’t have to think twice when my sister suggested a change to our Sunday MTB training routine. And so it was that this morning my sister, my nephew numbers 1, 2 and 3, and my niece all boarded the ferry to Coochiemudlo Island where we had organised to hire two double kayaks for a two hour paddle.

The tide was low and the island is bordered by long tidal sand and rock shoals. That’s just part of water sports; you can’t always have ideal conditions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time on the water.

Kayaking with kids

Kayaking with kids

My sister and I each took two kids each in our kayaks and paddled around the eastern side of the island up to the northern beach. The outgoing tide helped push us around the island so the paddling was relatively easy.

My eight year old nephew paddled in the front seat, doing a good job on his first paddle. My niece sat in front of me in the back seat, dipping her hands into the water excitedly. The pure joy the kids expressed was wonderful.

We stopped on the northern beach for about half an hour to let the kids swim in the clear shallow water. They had a great time finding ‘twisty shellfish’ in the water (all went back), and throwing water and sand at each other.

After failing to navigate the north western point of the island successfully due to the low tide, we turned back and paddled back down the eastern side. The benefit of this was that the tide had turned and the returning waters pushed us ever south and east. It was absolutely fantastic.

I have to give a plug to Coochie Boat Hire. I can highly recommend anyone visiting or living in Brisbane taking a day out to visit the island and hire a kayak to explore the island.

Total: 2 hour team kayak training with kids


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