A little about my life outside sport

Before today I’ve kept my professional life private on my blog because it’s not been relevant. But today I received word that I will be starting a new adventure in late February: I will be returning to university to study a Bachelors degree in Adult and Vocational Education. I only applied for the course two weeks ago but today received an offer from Griffith University here in Brisbane.

The course is a graduate-entry Bachelors degree so it will only take two years full-time (up to four years part-time) instead of four years full-time (up to eight years part-time). I am going to start with part-time study this year (two units per semester) with a view to increase my load to three units per semester next year once I understand the basics.

I will continue to work full-time in my senior position with an eLearning company while I am studying. The combination of work and study is nothing new for me. I completed my Bachelors of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice full-time by correspondence at the same time as I was completing a trade apprenticeship in electronics (I was rubbish at my trade). I then completed a Bachelor of Laws full-time by correspondence while working full-time in a government criminal law office.

So 2013 is going to be a big year for me. Not only am I getting serious about adventure racing and Audax cycling, but I will also be studying a university degree. Oh, and did I mention yet that my partner and I hope to put our house on the market mid-year? We want to downsize, probably to an apartment in the city. So it’s all happening here for us.

Life’s never dull. And yes, I will still be training and racing 🙂


6 responses to “A little about my life outside sport

  1. Blimey ! you have time do all this, you wear me out just reading it 🙂
    good luck, I think you may need it.

    • Haha Mark. Yeah, I’ll have time. The adventure racing and Audax riding and university studies are all things I’m passionate about. So it’s invigorating to think about the year to come 🙂

  2. How exciting! Congratulations! Oh and if you fancy a trip to New Zealand, we’re organizing a Geocaching Mega Event for October! Come visit us down here, find some caches and hit some trails! http://www.nzmega.com 🙂

    • I will be exciting 🙂 I have already started devouring and summarising the recommended readings so that I have a head start when semester 1 starts in late February.

      Have a great time with your mega event 🙂 I am unlikely to have a chance to fly across the ditch this year but you never know 🙂 I love NZ! It’s a really cool place.

  3. Congratulations on going back to university! Sounds very exciting. You’ve got a lot of positive changes headed your way this year.

    • Thank you 🙂 It will be really great. Yes, sometimes when things get a bit down like they did late last year it forces you to evaluate your life and make big positive changes 🙂

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