Pilates and stretching

My partner finished late shifts last night so after burning the candle at both ends for a week, I treated myself to a bit of a lie in this morning and a day off training. All I’m doing today are my pilates and stretching exercise. What bliss. Well, pilates is tough for me but still, I can do it in the relative cool of my house in front of the television with my partner for company.

I’m looking forward to trail running tomorrow night.

3 responses to “Pilates and stretching

  1. I love doing pilates, but also find it to be a challenge. I also stretch every day too. I wrote a post about 5 Things To Do On Any Day and stretching was one of them! Check it out 🙂 http://www.5thingstodotoday.com/2013/01/21/5-things-to-do-on-any-day/

    • I never used to stretch regularly but am now a convert after discovering how it can help heal my body. I can’t say I love pilates. I do it because it will stop my back hurting. I’m more an active outdoors physical guy. Pilates is an indoors activity. However, I do like that I can do it in front of the television (I watch a lot of television) with my partner present 🙂

      • Stretching definitely helps heal your body and it feels so great, especially after an intense workout. I feel similar to you. It is winter where I live and very cold so it’s nice that I can do pilates inside!

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