Still alive

I’m still alive 🙂 The past two days have been crazy busy so I haven’t had a chance to breath, let alone blog. Yesterday I flew interstate for work, leaving home at 3:30am and not walking back in the door until 9:45pm. So, when today’s 200km Audax ride was cancelled due to heavy rain (100mm is expected to fall today), high winds and the threat of electrical storms, I happily rolled back over and went to sleep.

My body is fatigued from a heavy week at work so today I am allowing nature to guide me. I’m not training to win an Olympic medal or to be a world champion. So it’s okay for me to spend the day inside hiding from Mother Nature’s fury. Besides, I am really engaged with the pile of text books I borrowed from the university library. I read a whole book about literacy on the plane yesterday and am excited about working through the exercises in the set text today and tomorrow (because tomorrow’s weather is meant to be the same as today).

It will be sunny again in no time. But if there’s one thing I know about living in the sub-tropics, it’s that we don’t have a winter to force us to rest. Instead, we have rain days that provide respite from the heat and endless activity of summer.


One response to “Still alive

  1. Enjoy your rest day. You’ve certainly earned it!

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