Cruising the waterfront

Tidal flow by Andrew Gills
Tidal flow, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I probably shouldn’t have ridden today because I have a 200km Audax ride in less than 48 hours. But the call of my wheels was just too much for me. So I swung my leg over the saddle and took off for an easy cruise along the waterfront.

The wild weather of the weekend left a lot of seaweed washed up across the waterfront pathways. While it’s messy, I’m sure the sea feels having had a good clean out. The owners of the many boats washed ashore probably weren’t feeling as positive though. The boats in the photo above are fine; they always sit on the tidal mud flats. But there were plenty of others that had broken their moorings and become stranded on Point O’Halloran’s rocky foreshore.

I rode gently and smoothly along the pathways for much of my morning ride. The spin felt refreshing and I’m sure I will still ride well on Saturday morning despite the extra ride.

On coming home, I saw that my monthly cycling total for January is over 1/4 my annual cycling total for 2012. I’m quite chuffed by that.

Total: 40.7km road cycle


2 responses to “Cruising the waterfront

  1. Sometimes you just can’t pass up a ride! Good job on the high mileage for 2013 – hope it keeps rolling!

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