Coochie daydreams

Coochie dreams by Andrew Gills
Coochie dreams, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

Powder puff clouds drift across the sky as our kayak bobs on the small waves. The usually clear blue water below our boat is a murky brown, as a result of the silty water entering the bay from the recently flooded rivers.

I take the rear seat of the kayak while Mum sits up front. I’m more experienced on the water and Mum’s asked me to give her some pointers. I explain the principles of using large leg and core muscle groups to propel the boat forward, rather than our smaller arm muscles. We power across the water.

Last time I was here, the tide was at its lowest so I couldn’t complete a circumnavigation. Today, the tide is at it’s peak. The deep water is exaserbated by the flood waters flowing into the bay. In addition, last weekend’s storms caused a shift in the sands around the island, sweeping most of the beaches away. So we can stay close to the shore, instead of having to paddle far out in the bay.

It only took us an hour to circumnavigate the island; a distance of about 8km. We spent another half hour playing around the boats in the bay off the beach on the southern side of the island.

Total: 1.5 hours kayaking with Mum


2 responses to “Coochie daydreams

  1. I love kayaking but haven’t done it much. One time we went, after not having done it in over a year. It was on a river that was pretty long–one where you park, then they drive you to the drop off and you kayak to your car.
    and we were all like “oh yea. 6 miles? Pfft. Easy!”


    We were out there for about 3 or more hours. It was getting dark. We started panicking that we were to die out there. That we’d never make it to the dock. I actually started tearing up a little, I just wanted it to end! That moment where we saw the dock was overwhelming and we started cheering. I could barely drag my ass to that dock and up the hill to the car.

    Last time we overestimate our kayaking abilities…

    • Ooh yeah. It’s scary when you overestimate your abilities, isn’t it. I’ve done it cycling a few times when I didn’t bring sufficient food and one time when I got caught out in a heat wave. I haven’t had it with paddling but then, I don’t do white water, which is probably where I’d get in trouble.

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