Enjoying a swim

Butterfly King by Andrew Gills
Butterfly King, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I discovered the hotel I stayed in last night had a fantastic pool. And this morning it was totally deserted. While I forgot my swimming togs, I did bring a pair of running shorts with me so threw them on and hit the water.

I didn’t have goggles with me so I wanted to limit my eyes’ exposure to the chlorinated water. To do this, I alternated between swimming 100m and water running 100m. My swimming included freestyle, breast stroke, kicking, side stroke and butterfly (that’s me swimming butterfly in the photo).

The session was fun. I good reminder that training can be play. I’m not quite sure what the next person using the pool would have thought though because my ungraceful butterfly resulted in some serious splashage.

I also spent some time later in the day walking around Perth. I ended up walking 7km.

Total: 1km water running + 1km swimming + 7km walking


4 responses to “Enjoying a swim

  1. I’m not a strong swimmer but I used to live in the pool when I was a kid. Good to remember that “training can be play.” It’s probably the BEST kind of training!

  2. lovely pool and photo andrew. we started swim squad last night – what a workout!

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