Carlton geowalk

That's a cache under the bottle

That’s a cache under the bottle

I flew to Melbourne this morning for work. My colleague and I caught the 5am flight down so that meant I left home at about 3:20am (ridiculous o’clock). After I finished my work meeting in the late afternoon I took advantage of daylight savings (we don’t have it in Brisbane) to do a spot of geocaching. I mapped a 5km loop from my hotel along which there were three geocaches. I found two of them, including the quite nice one in the photo above.

Street philosophy

Street philosophy

More street philosophy

More street philosophy

While I was out on my geowalk, I noticed some street philosophy. As always, I had to take pictures of the graffiti. These two messages were scrawled about 200m apart on two different roads. I like the question and statement. They are good things to think about.

I want a bike like this

I want a bike like this

The cyclists were out in force this evening in Melbourne. I probably saw at least a hundred commuters cycling home along the roads around Carlton, maybe even two hundred. It’s fantastic to see. Unlike Brisbane riders who seem to favour road bikes, cyclists here seem to ride anything with wheels. Lately, I’ve become drawn to single speed street bikes, which are more popular in Melbourne than Brisbane. Perhaps when I move into the city I will buy or build myself one to cruise around on.

Nutella pizza

Nutella pizza

My colleague and I hit an Italian joint for dinner. It was a casual place with a friendly owner or manager. After devouring a seafood pizza and most of a garden salad, I decided to check the desert menu. There were a range of cakes in the window that had arrived from the bakery today. But the real winner was the freshly baked Nutella pizza. How could I not eat two of my favourite food groups and my favourite fruit (strawberries). It was as good as it looked. Fortunately, my colleague could help me eat it otherwise I would have needed to roll the 2km back to the hotel.

Total: 5km geocaching walk and 4km return walk to dinner.


3 responses to “Carlton geowalk

  1. I did a cache finding last summer and loved it! I’m hoping to do more this summer 🙂 cool post

    • It’s so much fun, isn’t it. I’m slightly addicted. I’ve found 490 caches over the past couple years. I just returned from another cache hunt today. Geocaching is great practice for rogaining / adventure racing too

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