iAdventure Kayak Kapers cancelled tomorrow

It’s 10:20pm on Friday night and I’ve just learned that tomorrow’s Kayak Kapers rogaine, hosted by iAdventure, has been cancelled but neither my team mate nor I received any communication about the cancellation. We event went kayak training last weekend to prepare for the event.

The only reason we worked it out is because we can’t find any reference to the event on the iAdventure Facebook page. So my team mate messaged them and they confirmed the cancellation. In their defence, they say they emailed us but neither of us received the email in our inboxes or junk boxes.

I hate races being cancelled at late notice. Guess it leaves me plenty of time to study this weekend.

2 responses to “iAdventure Kayak Kapers cancelled tomorrow

  1. Unlucky, hope you still got out and about!

    • Unfortunately, I didn’t get out yesterday because we ended up with torrential rain all day. So I spent the day studying so that I have more free time when the sun shines again. I got out today though 🙂

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