Four hour georun/walk

Water birds on pond by Andrew Gills
Water birds on pond, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

After a long fortnight of being stretched too thin, I decided to spend today out geocaching on foot. My training this week has been sporadic to non-existent (I did do a 7km trail run Thursday night that I forgot to write about).

So, this morning I mapped out a long route from geocache to geocache through nearby Cleveland. My run took me to urban and bushland caches, including two pretty ones next to billabongs (waterholes).

My sister, and Whoops Witch Way team mate, came to join me part-way through my four-hour session. She’s a muggle (person who doesn’t geocache) but is a fantastic ferret (member of rogaining team who ferrets out the checkpoints) so it was great to have her along. She found a few caches I couldn’t.

I covered 17km and ran quite a bit of it, which is a huge step from last year’s injury riddled period. It felt really good.

This evening I will go for a 5km walk with my partner. We haven’t walked together in a little while due to my work and travel commitments. I am looking forward to it.

Total: 17km geocaching run/walk.


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