Stretching and ankle strengthening

Ankle strength exercise by Andrew Gills
Ankle strength exercise, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I’ve not been as consistent with stretching as I would like. I am stretching my calves and circling my ankles 3-4 times a day but I’m not putting time aside specifically for stretching because I have so much on.

This morning I decided to switch my road cycle for a stretching session.

I spent an hour stretching my calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteals and ankles.

I was recently shown an ankle strengthening exercise by Vixx from Kinetic Lifestyle. The first exercise is to pick up a pen or pencil using my feet. Then I hold the pencil between my toes and write my name. The exercise is challenging but I’m sure it will help improve my ankle strength and flexibility.

I did a couple of pilates exercises too because my sacroiliac joint has been playing up a little bit this week (I think it’s stress related).

I’m trying to find a balance between my desire to just go out hard and do lots of miles, my body’s need to work up to hard training after the four months off last year, and my other commitments (university and TAFE studies, work, and family). It’s just all about patience right now but at least I’m not injured and am feeling fit.

Total: 1 hour stretching and pilates

5 responses to “Stretching and ankle strengthening

  1. I’m paying the price for not enough stretching also, but working on it!

    • It’s a difficult one isn’t it Baz. I mean, I’m sure you also have good intentions to stretch but then life gets so busy it falls by the wayside because it’s not an ‘active’ activity, as such.

      We have a small set of steps in our house (just three steps) but I am consciously making myself stretch my calves every time I walk up them. I also am finding myself stretching while talking with close family or friends (I just explain what I’m doing). I am feeling a lot better for doing the stretches. Perhaps by the end of 2013 I’ll be able to touch my toes (I can get just 1/3 of the way down my shins, which is embarrassing)

  2. Stretching is so important, as is balance. You’re being very smart to take the time to find a way to do everything you want without going overboard.

    • Balance isn’t my strong point. I always want to go after everything like a bull at a gate, so allowing myself time to rest or stretch is a learning experience. Though this morning I felt really good for yesterday’s stretch. I had been tight in my feet and legs but this morning I felt really good.

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