Making the most of blue skies

Morning ride by Andrew Gills
Morning ride, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I have an ear worm. It wriggles around in my head. I try to whistle its tune but still it persists. It’s just a few lines from Fame; it must have been the last song on the radio last night.

As the song plays in my head, I notice my legs are spinning rhythmically. I have finally found the smooth cadence I have longed for all these years. I’m finding it easier to ride farther and more comfortably now that I have found a rhythm. Despite cycling my whole life, it’s only recently that I’ve really sorted my cadence and endurance issue out. Previously, I was always a big gear pusher, rather than a small gear spinner.

After 30km my Fame ear worm is suddenly replaced with a few lines from Same Love. The few bars of that song then stay in my head until I get home. At least it’s a better song than Fame.

It was great to be back on my road bike for only the first or second time this month. I need to get some miles in because I have a 360km Audax ride in just under a month.

Total: 59.4km road cycle


3 responses to “Making the most of blue skies

  1. Funny, I seem to have a perpetual ear worm in my head. Who needs an iPod when they workout when I seem to hear my own music?!?!

    • Firstly, I am so glad someone else has heard of ear worms before 🙂 . It’s a new word I recently learned from my partner. So, do you train with an iPod? I have an iPod that I won in a lucky draw last year but I never use it in training because I find it makes me feel a bit insular, rather than enjoying the scenery and space. But if I’m really tired in a long Audax ride, then I use it if I need motivation.

  2. I have a “music to ride bikes by” page on my blog because there are some times when the earworm makes the ride. And yes it really helps my spinning too,

    Others seem to like it too.

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