Pack walk training

Playing on the wander by Andrew Gills
Playing on the wander, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

Fridays are usually my rest day but this morning I wanted to spend time with my partner so I joined her on her daily walk. She’s recently increased her distance from 5km to 6km, which is a fantastic achievement.

Given that I’ve committed to walking the Great North Walk in July, I have decided to start carrying a pack when I walk with my partner. This morning I carried my tent and sleeping bag; my pack weighed 4.9kg. As the weeks go by, I’m going to add actual gear to the pack so that I get close to my hike pack weight for the final month.

I love walking with my partner. It gives us a chance to talk and catch up. See, she is a shift worker and I have load of extra curricular commitments, so we often go weeks without spending more than a few short hours together.

Total: 6km walk with 4.9kg pack

2 responses to “Pack walk training

  1. I feel the same. It’s too easy for the days to whizz by. When you’re with your partner and doing something like walking, it’s the perfect chance to reconnect and catch up!

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