Believe it or not this is a trail not a creek

It’s tempting to complain about all the rain we’ve been having lately but that would be silly. The wet season usually runs from mid-January through to mid-March and this year it’s been a doozy. We’ve had about 150mm of rain fall in the past 48 hours on top of all the rain we’ve already had.

It meant that my trail run this morning was a slosh-fest. Fortunately for me (but unfortunately for the bush), the recent rains have already washed the mud away so the water along the trails flowed clear.

I felt tight for the first 3km of my run. Especially in my left ankle and calf. I suspect it’s fatigue from all the hill climbing on Saturday night. But once I got going and started to relax, I felt a lot better and enjoyed my run.

After running a loop I got back to my car at 7.2km but decided to practice some discipline and ran an extra 800m up and down the road to finish with an 8km (5mile) run.

Total: 8km trail run.

2 responses to “Believe it or not this is a trail not a creek

    • Oh yeah. We definitely got smashed this year. It’s good though. It means the dams and water tanks will hopefully stay full through the predominately dry winter months and into the early months of summer when it’s hot and dry before the rains come again.

      It’s difficult to remember that just a few years ago our city almost ran out of water and now we’ve had a few wet summers again.

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