Breaking in my new Kanadia 5s

After being adamant about being a barefoot / minimalist runner for so long, I have finally come to my senses and bought myself a proper pair of trail running shoes. Why? Well, the sharp rocks that keep stabbing into my arch through my Merrell Trail Gloves can make running less smooth than i would like and, over the past week, my left heel has been sending the warning niggles of plantar fascitis.

After much thought and research, I decided to go with the Adidas Kanadia 5s. They have a narrow fit, a low profile sole and studded grips for traction. I have to admit that I also quite like the bright yellow soles; they make me feel particularly outdoorsy.

I tried the shoes out on a wet grass course this morning and found them comfortable, light and well-draining. In the past, I’ve found that traditional shoes have caused me ITB and shin pain but after 5km my legs still felt find in the Kanadias.

For my run, I left home at the same time as my partner left on her 6km walk. We do an out-and-back course with an extra 1.4km loop at the end to bring the distance up to 6km. I started the run by doing the extra loop then running out to catch up to my partner. At the 2.5km mark I caught her and walked 300m chatting to her before running out to the turn-around point, back past her to a point about 1km from the turn-around point and then back towards my partner. We then walked about 250m together until I took a run through a park while she walked along the road. After the park section, I had completed 5.5km and walked the last 3km home with her.

It was a lovely way to combine time with my partner with running training.

I was still feeling fatigued today. My whole body feels heavy and my eyes keep threatening to drop closed. Perhaps I’m still catching up on sleep after the overnight rogaine event on Saturday night, though there is a nasty virus doing the rounds here that I hope stays away.

Total: 5km run and 3km walk.


4 responses to “Breaking in my new Kanadia 5s

  1. I have been feeling exactly the same way these past two days. Not sure if it’s a result of Sunday’s race, or spring allergies, but I have been super sluggish. Hope you pep up soon!

    • I think the flatness is doing the rounds. Probably due to the change in seasons. Perhaps all our bodies feel the switch and are preparing for summer / winter. For us here in Brisbane, winter is the best time of year to train after a long hot (and wet) summer so my body might be preparing for that. Yours might be getting ready for some warmth after the northern winter 🙂

  2. good choice! the name
    sounds like Canada!

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