A wet ride

No caption required by Andrew Gills
No caption required, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

This afternoon I followed up my morning trail run with a short mountain bike ride. Like the trail run, it was wet on the ride.

I rode through many of the same creeks as I had run through in the morning and also enjoyed some drier sections of track.

My brakes finally gave way on the way back home so I had to walk a few steep downhills to prevent injury. I’ll drop the bike at the mechanic tomorrow because I haven’t been able to get the brakes right since the bike fell off the back of the car on 31 December. Perhaps the mechanic can fix the problem for me now that the brakes have totally quit on me.

The last stretch of trail home through the grass field was extreme. There was a 100+m section of the track where the water almost covered my wheels. Somehow I managed to stay on and ride through the deep water. It felt pretty extreme (see photo accompanying this post).

Total: 9.5km mountain bike ride


6 responses to “A wet ride

  1. That’s mad. Forget the helmet you need a life jacket!

  2. I have never done that! Does your helmet have flotation? 🙂

  3. I was hearing it was very wet…! Bit of MTN Biking coming up for me over the month…looking forward to it!

    • Yeah Baz, it’s been a tad damp up here. Nothing genuinely out of the ordinary – just seasonal downpours that will help everything grow and get cleaned out. While I’m well and truly over the rainy days, I know that I’ll be happy to see the rains again when they return in 2014 (after they finally end this year).

      I look forward to reading about your MTB adventures. Are you using them as cross-training or are you going to squeeze a race into your mountaineering training schedule?

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