Swamp running

Trail running in Bayview by Andrew Gills
Trail running in Bayview, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

My sister suggested we run this morning instead of riding. She said it would be easier to run with flippers than to ride with them. M (our third team mate) joins us.

We leave my sister’s place and run 1.8km along the road to the bush. Then the luxury of dry feet ends as we follow the rocky trail deeper into the wet jungle-like trees.

The first creek gives us a taste of what’s to come. It’s knee deep and about 50m wide. We splosh through the tea-tree coloured water; being careful not to roll our ankles on the rocky creek bed.

Again and again we cross creeks, ranging from knee to hip depth. Some are narrow, just 5-10m wide while others spread wide, up to 100m across. The water pools in the low-lying areas and flows quickly through the hillier sections of the course.

Most of the single trails have become flowing streams as water runs off the trees and grass down the path of least resistance. We splash through it all.

By the time we return to my sister’s place we are wet but happy.

Total: 12.42km trail run.


4 responses to “Swamp running

  1. I’m not sure that would be a fun run for me! Wow, you do have adventures, don’t you?
    [wow, it’s good to be back reading your blog–and everyone else’s–I’ve been SO busy]

  2. It actually looks like a lot of fun!

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