Enjoying the flowers

Bottle brush glory by Andrew Gills
Bottle brush glory, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

We see the rain coming as we leave our house. It sweeps across the landscape and follows us like Linus’s security blanket sweeps along the floor behind him. “Do you want to go home?” I ask my partner. “No, let’s just get it done” she responds.

I admire my partner’s commitment to her training program. She’s now been exercising consistently for about 8 months and the daily walks are paying off for her. Where a year ago she wouldn’t go out in the rain, now it is normal to find her saturated walking shoes drying in the front room.

I have maintained the 10.5kg pack weight for this morning’s walk. I am sure I’ll be grateful for it when I set off on the Great North Walk in July.

The rain has made everything grow. Flowers offer nectar for the lorikeets. Native trees are tinged with the pink and red colours of their new leaves. Seed pods are exploding all over the tops of native grasses. It’s a pretty sight.

Tonight I will go trail running but for now, I enjoy the sights the slower pace allows.

Total: 6km walk with 10.5kg pack.


2 responses to “Enjoying the flowers

    • These flowers are callistemon flowers, commonly known as bottle brush flowers. They are a native Australian shrub or tree that likes to live in damp areas like creek beds and swamps.

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