Cruising Cleveland

Cruising Cleveland by Andrew Gills
Cruising Cleveland, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I woke to the familiar patter of rain drops on the roof but they were only gentle and there were glimpses of blue sky so I decided to make the most of it with a spin on my road bike. It’s only 10 days until the Fleche Opperman 24 hour road cycling challenge, so getting some miles under my tyres is probably a good idea (our team are riding the minimum 360km distance to qualify for completion).

The roads were almost devoid of unmotorised two-wheelers. This is rare in our area, which is a popular area for cycling. It was pleasant to feel the narrow white tyres of my road bike rolling across the bitumen. Even the rain didn’t dampen my spirits.

I bought a new helmet earlier in the week. My old one was so worn out that the colours had faded and it no longer stayed still on my head. Even the padding had worn to the velcro, making me grateful to be folically challenged.

While I had hoped to ride about 60km, I only managed 43.4km in the time available. I went to bed too late last night because I wanted some free time after work, training and study. So I slept in to 5am, which reduced the time available to ride. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the change to ride.

Total: 43.4km road cycle.


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