My next ultra marathon

I know I shouldn’t. But I’m going to.

I still have an entry into the Red Rocks to Coffs 45km trail run. I entered last year as a super early bird and then got injured so didn’t think I’d be able to participate. The race is being held on 21 April and I have decided that I miss ultra running too much to skip it.

My goal for the event is just to enjoy the experience and scenery, even if I have to do a lot of walking. That’s the great thing about the ultra trail running scene here in Australia; it’s okay to be slow.

I don’t have many miles in my legs yet this year but I also am moving well out on the trails. I figure that if I can run the first 10-20km at a slow trot and then walk/run the rest of the course (with stoppages to take photos) that it will be good training.

As I said, I know I shouldn’t; but I’m going to.


6 responses to “My next ultra marathon

  1. take it easy dude, I’m sure you’ll get round. Have fun !! that’s what it’s all about πŸ™‚

  2. Just like you said, take your time, walk when you need to, and have fun. You’ll be great!

    • Yes. I agree. If the Little Engine could get up the mountain, I can run/walk 45km. I’ve done the distance before in November 2011 (also on beach) and loved the experience

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