Mother and son road cycle

Mother and son by Andrew Gills
Mother and son, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

It didn’t take much to convince Mum to come riding with me this morning. She enjoys a morning cruise as much as I do. Actually, she’s up for just about any adventure that comes along; so long as it doesn’t involve running 50km.

That’s something I’m grateful for: that my parents are outdoors people. I can’t remember a time when they didn’t take me cycling, bushwalking or camping. As a child, it was normal for us to spend our free time outdoors playing in the sun, rain and wind.

Weekends and holidays were times for camping and exploring; no cotton wool provided. I was still in primary school the first time my family went on a 15km bushwalk and when I was ten years old, Dad took me on a 50km road ride. Being outdoors wasn’t something you planned to do one day; it was just something you got up and did.

I have come to see that the life I live today is heavily influenced by the outdoor experiences of my childhood. And this is why I have recently signed up as a Scout leader; to share the outdoors with the next generation just as my parents shared the outdoors with me. Perhaps one day they will see that getting up before the dawn to walk, run, cycle or paddle is normal and fun.

Mum and I had a lovely ride this morning. Yet another shared experience in the outdoors.

Total: 42.3km road cycle.


3 responses to “Mother and son road cycle

  1. Definitely like the growing up outdoors and active bit (me too), not so sure about the pre-dawn bit though! 🙂

    • LOL Rosemary 🙂 I’m not much for evening training (I make an exception for AR team trail running) because I’m a morning person. We don’t have long evenings here in Brisbane. The longest day of our year is 4:30am dawn and 6:45pm dusk. The shortest day is 6:15am dawn and 5:45pm dusk. So it’s kind of always dark when I go home at night but at least we have daylight for part of my training sessions in the mornings …

      You guys have long evenings in summer don’t you? And then really short days in winter? Because that’d probably lend itself better to evening training because you would have lots of daylight in summer and get used to evening training … if that makes sense.

      • I know you’re a morning person, I’m just the total opposite! My only exception for early mornings is swimming 🙂

        Yes, where I am it is light until about 11pm in the summer but dark at 3:30pm in the winter. I don’t do long road rides at night (others in the club do) though I have been known to go out mountain biking in the dark! You would never do this, but I usually start work at 10 (and finish later). I work better that way, but it also means I always get a bit of daylight, even in the winter.

        It feels wonderful at the moment as it is the time of year when you can start thinking about riding home without lights after work. I think everyone feels more energetic! I would miss it if we didn’t have light evenings half the year.

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