A short night trail run

Team Whoops Witch Way hit the trails tonight for our regularly weekly trail run. I have a big ride on Saturday and we’ve both been tired this week so we just did a short, slow and relatively flat run tonight to stretch our legs.

I took the opportunity to try out the new Kathmandu Axion backpack that the good people at Kathmandu gave me after reading my blog post about the Kathmandu Adventure Race.

While I will write a proper review about the pack after I test it out more fully, I want to share my excitement about finally having a proper running pack after running with the ill-fitting Camelbak since July 2011. Kathmandu didn’t ask me to write a review, but I rely on blogs for product reviews because I know they are written by real people so I want to provide information for others who do the same thing.

Firstly, the pack itself feels as light as a feather. I love that the design is focused on function,not asthetics. Sure, it looks great but every seam and bit of fabric has a purpose; it isn’t wasted weight.

I’ll write more about the harness and hydration systems tomorrow but, suffice to say, the bag fits like its made for running. I tested it out by carrying a first aid kit, wind vest, waterproof and 2L water. The bag didn’t move at all as I ran; it was like a second skin. The pockets were great because they let me access my phone, which I use as a GPS and camera.

I want to test the bag out more and then write a proper review because hydro bags are such an important running tool.

Total: 5.35km trail run


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