An easy spin

Out riding by Andrew Gills
Out riding, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

After two days of total rest and plenty of stretching, I decided to take an easy spin this morning to loosen my legs before Saturday’s Fleche Opperman road cycle.

I also wanted to try out some new cycling gear I bought yesterday: gloves, UV protectors for my arms and a wind vest. It was too warm for the wind vest but the gloves and UV protectors were awesome. I will be grateful for them at the Fleche Opperman.

Mum and I just rode a lap of our area, covering an easy 27.4km. It was just what my legs needed this morning. They felt refreshed and strong as we cruised along.

I have the day off work so will be watching television and resting all day before going out for an easy trail run tonight as part of Whoops Witch Way’s adventure race training. It’s just going to be an easy 5-8km cruise.

Total: 27.4km road cycle


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