Ooh only 16 hours to go :)

It’s only 16 hours until the Fleche Opperman 24 hour team cycling challenge starts. I haven’t been this excited about an event in ages. And it’s only an hour until I can go home from work to pack my gear and give my bike one final clean before the ride (I can’t believe I’ve turned into one of those guys who actually cleans his bike, but I have an my bike is so much nicer to ride for it).

I have Scouts tonight so at least I will have something to keep my mind occupied for a few hours. Otherwise I fear I would over-prepare ;).

In other news, I have bought myself a Carradice SQR Slim Bag from Wiggle. The bag is expected to be ready for shipping in April so I should receive it just as the weather really cools down (weather really cooling down is relative though 😉 ). I expect it will revolutionise my riding because I currently don’t ride much if it’s too cold or too wet. This way, I will be able to carry my fleece, wind vest or waterproof without being stuck wearing it the whole ride or carrying a backpack.

Total: Another full day of rest with stretching.

3 responses to “Ooh only 16 hours to go :)

  1. Reblogged this on Sykose.

  2. Good luck Andrew and look forward to reading about it!

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