Morning walk and pack review

I went out for a 6km pack walk this morning with my partner. It’s been over a week since we last went walking together, so this morning’s wander was just lovely. My pack weight is now 11.8kg and I’m finding that the slow increments are working well to help me adjust to the weight. By the time I tackle the 250km Great North Walk, I’ll be fit enough to carry everything I’ll need for the 13 day experience.

This morning I thought I’d review my hiking pack. It’s a Blackwolf Glacier Bay 75. I bought the pack in either 2005 or 2006 (I am leaning towards 2005). Blackwolf no longer make this model but no doubt the review will give those looking for an entry-level pack some idea of the general quality of Blackwolf’s packs.

To help visualise my pack in all its glory, I made a short video. Please forgive the ‘Amateur Hour’ presentation: I’m not really a video guy.

As you can see, after 7-8 years in service, my pack is still in good condition. This is through no special care or attention on my part. The bag has been dragged through mud, dropped in the ocean, smashed against rocks, covered in sand and left neglected in a cupboard when not in use. I’ve never washed or cleaned the pack, other than a quick hose off when it’s been too muddy to store in the cupboard at home. The pack’s been strapped to the back of a motorbike that traveled down highways at 100kph and along gravel roads at speeds up to 80kph. It’s been thrown in airplane luggage compartments, and has survived the hustled and bustle of being worn on busy commuter trains.

The pack sits in the budget / entry level market. At the time I bought it, the price of a reasonable quality hiking pack at outdoors stores was about $AU300-500. This pack only set me back $AU120 from an Army disposal store.

The pros of this pack:

  • it’s obviously robust
  • it’s narrow so great for bushwalking along single track
  • it’s easy to adjust and has plenty of adjustments for different body shapes and sizes
  • the optional separator in the lower section of the pack means you can keep wet clothes or shoes separate from your other gear but you can also just use the pack as a single compartment unit.

The cons of this pack:

  • it’s not as lightweight as some of the more expensive options on the market
  • it doesn’t have a fancy higher-end brand blazoned on it (no offense intended to Blackwolf) so you might not get taken as seriously on face value as others who spent more on their packs.

At the end of the day, I have looked at newer more expensive packs over the past few years with the thought of upgrading. But I’ve never found anything that I can justify spending money on when this old faithful is still functional, comfortable and in good condition despite the abuse I’ve hurled at it.

Total: 6km walk with 11.8kg pack.


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