Crazy rest day

I’ve had to take some rest time last night and today. My right calf was tight and sore all yesterday, with some tension also in my right achilles. I iced it during the day and last night. It’s not painful anymore today but I can still feel the tightness spreading to my right shin. I’ve looked at my monthly stats and have done a lot of mileage this month for someone who’s meant to be easing back in after a lengthy period of injury so decided a few days rest wouldn’t hurt.

Mind you, today has been crazy anyway. I caught a 5am flight to Canberra so left home at 3:15am. And now I’m at the airport waiting for a 7pm flight back home, so I won’t be home until about 8:30pm. In between, I gave a major presentation for work and sat an online university exam. Now I’m going to settle into a few hours of listening to the Scout leader training eLearning modules.

Tomorrow is Scout water activities camp – no doubt it will be a lot of fun for us leaders too. And then Sunday Whoops Witch Way has the iAdventure Sprint Adventure Race. It promises to be a hilly course.

*sighs* … At least the stressful parts of today are over … What a double whammy – public speaking and an exam.

Total: Rest

3 responses to “Crazy rest day

  1. A few days off sounds like exactly what you need. Have a great weekend!

  2. You deserve a break, that’s a LOT to go through. . . Hope you had a great day at the Scout Camp! And, good luck on the iAdventure Race!

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