Scout camp

Scout camp by Andrew Gills
Scout camp, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

Canoes, kayaks, a pontoon and a large dam. What more could a Scout troop need on a warm autumn weekend.

After an hour setting camp, the seven Scouts and three Leaders who came on camp hit the water in canoes and kayaks. Within an hour everyone was in the water and the first canoe had been purposefully flipped for the day.

With all but one of our Scout troop being 11 years old, shennanigans like tipping people out of boats are still the order of the day. And we Leaders weren’t exempt from being sent swimming.

The pontoon was also popular for climbing on, rocking, jumping off and removing each other from it. Again, the Leaders were not exempt from being helped off the pontoon.

By the time we lit the campfire, most of us had been in the water for about six hours. After a meal of tacos and burritos, we enjoyed a few hours sitting around the campfire. It was an informal campfire, so mostly I just listened to the Scouts talking and scaring each other with stories.

It was a day of laughter, swimming and fun. Just what I needed.

I had to leave at the end of the day because Whoops Witch Way have an adventure race tomorrow.


4 responses to “Scout camp

  1. Sounds like a fun day. I love that you made tacos and burritos for dinner. Amazing how you Aussies eat our Texas fare, too!

    • Oh yeah, we Aussies definitely eat tacos and burritos. 🙂 They are so easy, delicious and healthy.

      I had a blast at Scout camp yesterday. The only problem was that I paid for it today at our adventure race 😉

  2. Sounds fun and a lot warmer than last weekends camp!

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