Retiring the Purple Monster

Merida bike by Andrew Gills
Merida bike, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

The Purple Monster has ridden it’s last race. This afternoon, I went out and test rode some new mountain bikes at my local bike store. I was looking in the entry-level price range ($AU600-800) and test rode all the 26″ and 29ers in that bracket. They all felt really nice but as soon as I sat on the 2013 Merida Big Nine TFS100 29er, I knew I had found the right bike for me. It felt perfectly balanced for me. I was able to track stand on it and to move it around the bicycle carpark well.

I wanted to speak with my partner before actually handing over our money but, having now done so, I can head to the shop tomorrow to buy the bike. It will take 3-4 days to arrive because they don’t have my size in stock (I was measured and apparently a 17″ frame is my size; the bike shop only has a 19″ frame in stock).

I’m very excited about the new wheels.


6 responses to “Retiring the Purple Monster

  1. Perfect timing to get used to it, take off that brand new shine and then feel like your flying at the Rogue Adventuregaine. Upgrading to front suspension and 29er, you won’t know yourself.

    • That’s exactly right Scott. I am keen to get in some rides before Rogue. Both of us in Whoops Witch Way are excited about the 24 hour challenge. And now that I’ll have new wheels, the MTB leg/s won’t be a source of anxiety but will be something to look forward to.

      And having a speedometre on the bike means it will be easier to navigate than it has been (neither of us have speedos on our bikes atmos so we have to guess how far we’ve traveled).

      Are you looking forward to Rogue? We think it’s going to be a really great event. Whoops Witch Way have decided to focus on our navigation and build confidence during the event. We’re going to try to do a small number of checkpoints well, rather than over-extending ourselves like we have been in recent races. Our game plan for the event is that we’d rather come last doing all our own nav than come second last relying on help. We’re going to take meal stops at the end of each leg and sleep for a few hours from 2am-4am (depending on where we are).

      • Scott Sawyer

        As Escapees we are enormously excited about the Adventuregaine. Our last event was Oxfam(though the Kathmandu Sunday option and a MTBO where both canceled) this stands out as a becon on our horizon.

        We will challenge you for the wooden spoon. Our primary goal is to enjoy ourselves out in the bush. Secondly we will try to keep moving slowly for as much of the 24 hrs as possible. Though our lack of training is most likely going to result in some significant rest stops. I did the 18 hr Darkside AR in 2011 and apart from this haven’t done any night navigation. During that event there was a short argument about if my compass was correct! This is my team mates first AR so we expect to spend some time lost but see this as part of the fun and it isn’t an unfamiliar situation to us.

        Tony bought his MTB about a month ago and I took him on his first single track today.

        As the only competitors with a men’s veteran novice classification provided we survive, aren’t DQ’d or a DNF we will win our classification. We can forget about training and start practicing our winner’s speech.

        I am Bayside too and am keeping an eye our for you when I am on the local trails.

      • LOL about the victory speech.

  2. RIP Purple Monster! A new bike will be exciting.

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