Getting geared up

I love outdoors gear. I think it’s one of the reasons adventure racing appeals to me so much: because it can involve cool gear. While today might be a rest day for my body, I certainly gave my credit card a good workout. But it was all essential adventure racing equipment.

It started with me going to the bicycle shop and buying the Merida Big Nine TCR 100 29er mountain bike that I looked at yesterday. I received a $100 voucher to use for accessories so also bought tubes, frame pump, bottle cage, tail light and cycle computer. The shop didn’t have any frames my size in the shop (17″ frame) but they should have the bike in by Thursday at the latest, which works out well because I’ll be in Perth (on Australia’s west coast) until Wednesday evening.

Then I stopped at Kathmandu to buy a deluxe saddle bag and cycling multi tool for the new MTB. I have one each of these for my road bike and am so impressed with the products that I decided to buy a second set so that I don’t have to change them between bikes.

I then went online to the Area51 website to purchase some team adventure racing gear. When I phoned my sister to confer with her, she mentioned that she too happened to be on the Area51 website doing the same thing. We bought:

While I was thinking about adventure racing, I also decided to skip the 45km Red Rocks to Coffs beach trail run on 21 April to focus on the 24 hour Rogue Adventuregaine on 27-28 April. I am going to be focusing on mountain biking until Rogue because this is a huge weakness for me.

Total: Trip to physio to get elbows pushed into my muscles, stretching and rest.

4 responses to “Getting geared up

  1. I probably spend more money on running gear than anything else. It’s my favorite things to buy!

    • Ooh … so it’s not just me. My running gear wishlist is really long but I don’t run enough yet to justify the shopping trip 😉 … Good thing adventure racing includes multiple sports – haha.

  2. My most expensive pair of shoes have cleats bolted to the bottom. Oh dear!

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