Daisy Hill MTB trails

Tunnel of Love MTB trail by Andrew Gills
Tunnel of Love MTB trail, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

With Sunday being Easter and my teammate having young children, team Whoops Witch Way went on our weekly MTB training session today instead. It’s Good Friday, so we have a public holiday. Instead of our usual ride through Bayview, we drove further afield to Daisy Hill Forest Park where were hit some popular purpose-built trails. Our two-hour session was fun. We pushed ourselves to ride more obstacles and hills than we have in the past.

I took some short videos while we were out to give an impression of the ride. I used my smart phone so only rode with one hand while videoing us so it’s all on the easier trails. But hopefully it’s enjoyable to watch.

Total: 18.1km MTB


3 responses to “Daisy Hill MTB trails

  1. Nice location and singletrack… And weather 😦

    • The location is typical of Brisbane with the gum trees and rolling trails (not real hills just little lumps). We have a large MTB community here who do loads of trail work.

      A lot of these trails were recently closed due to flooding and storm damage but things are recovering well.

      I always think your pics of riding in Wales and UK look so exotic. Funny how we all covet foreign locations πŸ™‚

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