Tullawallal Circuit

At Tallowal by Andrew Gills
At Tallowal, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

After a delicious lunch of Thai chicken patties with salad on wraps, we walked our final track of the day: the Tullawallal Circuit.

I think this circuit is one of the prettiest little walks in Lamington National Park. It is relatively flat, starting on the plateau and rising gently to a small boulder-strewn knoll surrounded by ancient Antarctic Beech trees. The knoll is almost magical; a place of peace.

Not planking ... just playing

Not planking … just playing

More play time

More play time

Peaceful place

Peaceful place

Total: 5km bushwalk carrying 8kg pack (Cumulative total: 16km bushwalk carrying 8kg pack).

My partner returned home from work just before I got home from the bushwalking trip so I joined her on her daily walk, bringing my total for the day to 21km.

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