Walking with my partner

Bayview walking trails by Andrew Gills
Bayview walking trails, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I had hoped to get in a few hours cycling today but was tied to the computer writing a university assignment so couldn’t get out. My partner came home from work late in the afternoon so we hit the trails together for a short bushwalk.

My partner is a creature of habit, so we usually do the same 5km or 6km route. But today we decided to take a walk along some of the bush trails instead of our usual loop along the roads. Despite living here for over four years, we’ve never walked the trails together; largely because my partner only took up exercise about 8 months ago and has been building her fitness sensibly.

It was the perfect way to end our Easter Sunday. We meandered our way along a single trail that contours along a hill for about 2km before walking up to the ridge and home along fire trails.

Total: 5km bushwalk

2 responses to “Walking with my partner

  1. Nice Picture Andrew. Our Easter Sunday is just starting. Nice sunny day, but no rdiding planned.

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