Daisy Hill MTB

Daisy Hill MTB by Andrew Gills
Daisy Hill MTB, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

My Whoops Witch Way teammate suggested a break from our usual routine with a morning MTB ride at Daisy Hill Forest Park. Not being one to miss out on the fun, I was quick to agree.

Daisy Hill MTB map

Daisy Hill MTB trails – Trails I rode are highlighted yellow

I arrived an hour earlier that my sister who had to drop kids off at vacation care. The sun had just risen high enough in the sky to save me having to ride under lights. Though the sun hadn’t quite won the battle over the darkness. I rode down the main trail to The 5 Ways. In the past, I’ve had to walk the hill on this section of track but I found it easy to climb today.

From The 5 Ways I rode Tunnel of Love. I almost managed to ride over the rock garden, just paddling the ground with my feet in the crux of the route. Given that I’ve always just walked over the rock garden in the past, I was pleased with the progress. The rest of the trail was smooth and fast. I started down Koala but explored a side trail that led to a section of fire trail on the park boundary. At least it gave me another chance to work on my fire trail hill climbing skills, which is handy in adventure racing because course-setters seem to like sending teams up fire trail hills. The ride back up Koala and Tunnel of Love to The 5 Ways was a good confidence boost, especially when I again managed to paddle my way through the rock garden without getting off the bike.

Things almost went horribly wrong as I dropped down Possum Box. I let my mind start to wander to other things like university assignments and work. Before I knew it, I clipped something on the trail, dropped down off a log step, started to go over the handlebars, managed to correct and found myself heading straight for a tree leading with my forehead. I don’t know how I pulled myself back onto the track and missed a trip to the hospital. But at least I got my head back out of the stresses of life and onto the trails.

I rode back up to the top carpark to wait for my sister, having ridden 10.6km. After she arrived, my sister and I rode down to Turning Japanese. This is a fantastic flowing trail with a few log step offs, and some rock and slat bridges. I took some video footage of the trail to share with you. I only could capture the smooth flowing sections, not the technical stuff, because I had to hold the video camera (actually just my mobile phone) in my hand while riding.

Total: 20km MTB


2 responses to “Daisy Hill MTB

  1. Isn’t it amazing how quickly disaster can strike on the trails when we start thinking about our stressful daily lives? I’ve fallen several times when I found my mind wandering when running trails. Good job on saving yourself from that trip to the hospital!

    • It is, isn’t it. It’s a good lesson for us to turn off that part of our brains that worries. And probably a reminder that those things that stress us are rather unimportant in the scheme of things.

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