Feeling smooth on the trails

Whoops Witch Way went out trail running tonight with our third team member, M. We had a fantastic smooth run along some beautiful flowing single track and across some shallow creeks. The 7.05km flew by so quickly and easily that I’m wondering whether the trick to my running is to do it infrequently and well. Because every time I try to run more than once or twice a week I start to feel the old injuries flare up. But when I run once or twice a week, those one or two sessions always feel so good; like I could run all day or night.

I probably won’t blog again until sometime Sunday because I’m going on a two-day kayak camping trip out on Moreton Bay with my son. He and I haven’t been camping together since September 2011 so we’re well overdue for a father-son weekend away.

Total: 7.05km night trail run

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