Credit card cycle tour weekend plans

After the disappointment of the boat that didn’t float, I spent last night exploring all sorts of outdoor adventures that I’d like to do. I have come to realise that I’m most drawn to bushwalking (hiking) and cycling trips. Here’s the list of adventures I want to do over the coming years (on top of the adventure racing and Audax cycling I’m enjoying).

I’ve not done many cycling trips because I haven’t had sufficient inspiration to work out where to ride. But the Audax cycling I’ve been doing lately has taught me how many great side roads there are and just how far I can ride in a day without too much stress.

My next free weekend is 20-21 April and I have decided to go credit card cycle touring for the weekend. I’m going to catch a train to the last station on the Gold Coast train line (Varsity Lakes) and cycle along the coast to Byron Bay. I like Byron. It’s a beautiful beach and an easy place to find cheap backpacker accommodation (I didn’t say I was going to max out my credit card 😉 ). I’m planning a 127km route along the beaches and waterways of the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

I’m not keen on an out-and-back route so I’m going to challenge myself to a hilly 102km ride back home through the hinterland.

I am going to travel light, just carrying a fleece, wind vest, shorts and t-shirt, and snacks. I’ll carry what I can in my home-made handlebar bag, saddle bag and top-tube bag, and the rest in my Camelback (without water bladder). Unless of course I am lucky enough to get my Carradice saddlebag before the ride (Carradice have been out of stock so I’m still waiting for the order I placed with Wiggle on 14 March).


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