My partner & I went for a hike

My partner & I hiking by Andrew Gills
My partner & I hiking, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I’m fortunate to live just 7.6km from my parents house. Not only that, but most of the 7.6km walk to their place is along bush trails.

Tonight, my partner came home from work and we went hiking to my parents place. While the trip is familiar to me, it was the first time my partner has taken this walk with me. She loved it. And I saw the bush in a different light as I saw it through her eyes.

I’ve first started exploring this bushland twenty years ago when we moved into the area, so I haven’t seen it through new eyes for a long time. But today I really saw the contours, the colours and the trails differently as I pointed out where we were going and where we had come from. It was magnificent.

Until it rained. We exited the bush and started walking up Mum’s street when the heavens opened and cold rain fell onto us. We were saturated and shivering in no time, making the final 1.6km stretch of walk much less pleasant than the first 6km had been. Fortunately, Mum and Dad had towels and dry clothes for us to borrow, and were heading to our place so could drop us home (we were going to ride my motorbike home because I left it there the other day).

Total: 7.63km bushwalk with 8kg pack


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