Three bikes – I must be a cyclist :)

I’ve been following the 30 Days of Biking challenge and have been watching lots of YouTube clips of various cyclists: commuters, road racers, Audax, tourers and mountain bikers. It’s been quite inspiring.

Cycling has always been my first love. During most of my 20s, I used to cycle commute 70km every day along busy roads. I loved it. I don’t really know why I stopped.

Anyway, since I started Audax cycling on 1 January this year, I have been falling back in love with cycling. Since putting the new Tiagra groupset on my road bike it’s been a dream to ride. And the new mountain bike is amazing.

But I still love my purple monster, for all her flaws. It’s the only one of my bikes with a name, so I must be attached to it.

I’ve decided to turn it into my project bike. A single-speed commuter / tourer. I like the simplicity of single speed bikes. They look fantastic and I have heard that riding a single speed will improve my cycling. One of the guys in our Audax group rides his single speed road bike everywhere – even on 350km+ rides. So I’m no longer afraid of the lack of gears because I know I will be able to learn to ride without them.

The other great thing about converting the Purple Monster to a single speed is that it will help me continue to learn more about bicycle mechanics and maintenance, because I’m going to do the work myself.

Better take a good look at how the Purple Monster looks today because she’s going to go through some changes over the coming months: clipless pedals, front pannier rack, handlebar bag … maybe even drop handlebars. Who knows …

And not to be forgotten, here’s portraits of my other two beauties:

My 2013 Merida Big Nine 29er Adventure Racing bike

My 2013 Merida Big Nine 29er Adventure Racing bike

My 1996 Trek OCLV Audax bike

My 1996 Trek OCLV Audax bike


2 responses to “Three bikes – I must be a cyclist :)

  1. I see you bought a merida 29er but have a TREK roadie. I know you only bought the 29er recently and wonder why you chose the Merida. (I am looking to buy a new mnt bike and there are soooooo mnay choices, its mind boggling)

    • I bought it because the shop I go to carries the brand,.it was nice to ride & the price was right for me. I’m not loyal to brands, I just buy whatever feels good and represents good value for money.

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