Commuting by Andrew Gills
Commuting, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

The 30daysofbiking challenge is really inspiring me. This morning it was raining but I read 30daysofbiking’s Facebook post:
“There isn’t bad weather, only bad clothing. Keep on pedaling”.

So I packed my work clothes and university books into dry bags, loaded the bike, pulled on my rain jacket and set off on the short commute to work.

I’m glad I did because I had a fabulous time.

I rode the whole way in a single gear (middle chain ring, middle cog), despite having 21 to chose from. It worked really well. I was surprised at how different the riding felt. Without big gears to push downhill, I coasted and enjoyed the scenery. On the flats, I cruised at 25kph in a gear that was one easier than I would usually ride flats. And I realised what Dino from Audax meant when he said you have to hit the hills, rather than easing back. It actually wasn’t too bad (though there are certainly no mountains on my commute ;)).

I have university classes tonight. It’s 21km from work to uni then about 32km back home afterwards. On the way, I’m going to stop at 99 Bikes to pick up some clipless pedals, a handlebar bag and a tail light.

Total: 12.90km cycle with more to come today.


2 responses to “Commuting

  1. Wish my commute was straightforward. It’s about 22k for me and there are a few hills so one gear is impossible. That said if the weather is nice it’s a great cross country work out with nice views.

    My aim is to do it once a week.

    • I hear you about commutes that are challenging. For a while in 2009 I was trying to commute both ways to the city from my home. It was a 90km return ride in heavy traffic with some roads speed limited at 80kph (50mph). In summer, the temperatures hovered around 30-40’C with evening storms that would hit from about 5:30pm – 7:00pm (i.e. right when I was trying to commute). I ended up having to admit defeat there.

      My current commute is easy. But there’s no showers at my work. So I have to rely on a ‘bath’ in the basin in the toilet facilities. We’ll see how often I commute. I’d like to do it daily but don’t want to put pressure on myself

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