Rest of today’s commute

After my commute this morning, I left work in the mid-afternoon to cycle to my university class. Then, after my class, I cycled home tonight, ending my day at about 8:30pm when I arrived home. Along the way I stopped at 99 Bikes and got a set of clipless pedals put on my bike, which made the riding a lot more comfortable.

The experience of my ride today was glorious. I kept the bike in just one gear for the whole ride and found it liberating. Not ‘gee what a fast ride’ or ‘wow suspension and 29″ wheels are brilliant’ liberating. But liberating in a ‘this is so simply’ way. Even my cycle computer only measures speed, distance, odometer and time of day; it doesn’t even measure average speed or ride duration.

The only problem with the Purple Monster is that my front forks are quite bent (the left fork is sitting about 1cm or 0.4″ in front of the right fork at the axle). I think this is what caused the wheel I had on the bike to blow out its bearings. I have a spare wheel on the bike at the moment but think I will need to replace the forks if I want to prevent further damage to this wheel. I’m going to call Bicycle Revolution tomorrow to see how much it will cost for them to put a recycled fork on the bike (Bicycle Revolution is a bicycle recycling shop in Brisbane’s West End who have thousands of old bikes all over their property) so hopefully I can get it replaced cheap.

I realised tonight on my way home that I miss the simplicity of using a pushbike for transport. It wouldn’t replace road or mountain biking for me. But I think it will be a fantastic complement to reintroduce it to my life. Especially now that I can set up a dedicated commuter.

Total: 53.88km cycle


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