MTB and trail run

Team Whoops Witch Way had our Thursday night trail run tonight. With each of us having challenging events this weekend (she has an adventure race with her friend Saturday and a women’s obstacle race Sunday, and I have the 200km 2 Lumps Audax ride), we decided to take things easy on our run.

I had to borrow Mum’s ute (pick up truck) to get to the Audax ride on Saturday so I rode my MTB through the bush to my sister’s place. I just took it easy for the ride and enjoyed the experience.

Our trail run was easy. We walked up the hills and jogged slowly for the rest of the run. Our pace was just 7:30mins per kilometre (12:00 mins / mile).

Tomorrow I’ll be taking the whole day off training. I also have no plans to train on Sunday after Saturday’s Audax ride. But I will be picking the Purple Monster up from the shops tomorrow after getting the front forks replaced (they are seriously bent from when the bike fell off the car in December). More on the new-look Purple Monster tomorrow.

Total: 7.1km night MTB and 5.36km night trail run.


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