Yesterday’s commute

cyclecommuting by Andrew Gills
cyclecommuting, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I seem to have fallen a day behind in my blog. That’s not all a bad thing though – it just means that I’ve been too busy having fun to write.

I had to drop Mum’s ute at her house yesterday morning so enjoyed a slightly different cruise into work. The ride was a perfect autumn morning ride along the Logan River flood plains. The grasses beside the road are long from the summer rains and the seed heads formed a soft sea on top of the sharp blades.

I am enjoying my morning commuting. The Purple Monster is proving to be well-suited to the task of carrying my loaded panniers. The great thing about the bike is that the saddle is comfortable enough not to need padded shorts – so there’s no need for me to traipse around in lycra.

I felt like I was on holidays yesterday morning during my commute. What bliss.


  • 15.4km commute to work
  • 13.6km commute home

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