Marathon training: Long run

Mt Cotton church by Andrew Gills
Mt Cotton church, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

So far this week, I’ve run more kilometres than I ran in the entire month of April. And five of those kilometres this week formed part of my April mileage.

Tonight I enjoyed my longest run in months: a 16km trot through my local area. I felt surprisingly strong given my recent lack of running training. Once I got through the first 2-3km, I felt like I could run all night. I even had to keep slowing down to force myself not to overstride (which I think aggravates my shins and ITB).

One of the reasons I’ve been running less is because my legs were getting sore while I was running. But this week, when I started my marathon campaign, I switched back to my Merrel Trail Gloves after running in the Adidas Kanadias for a while. I think that did the trick because I the ITB pain I was getting has stopped. I noticed in photos of me wearing the Kanadias that I roll my foot outwards a lot in them; perhaps that’s not happening in the Trail Gloves. The only problem with the Merrels is that I think I need a little more padding under my toes, so I might get a pair of the New Balance Zero-drop Minimus road shoes to wear for my road running. Being zero drop, they should work for me.

Anyway, I had a magnificent 16km trot around the streets of my suburb. I ran down a long road flanked with huge mansions, some with lit-up fountains in their front gardens. Then I crossed over the road to pass the Mt Cotton church before heading out along a farm road in the darkness (I had a head torch) before turning around and running home.

Total: 16km road run


2 responses to “Marathon training: Long run

  1. Yay! I know you’re happy to be running long again!

    • Yep 🙂 I am happy to be running long again. And maybe this time I’ll actually enjoy the marathon more at the end if I keep training properly for it 😉

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