Morning run

Autumn dawn

Autumn dawn

The days are getting shorter as the cooler months start to set in. It’s no longer light when my alarm goes off and soon I will need to use a headlamp for my morning training sessions. But for now, the dawn is just breaking as I walk out the house. I turn around and enjoy the sight of the moon’s sliver in the sky above our house. The sky is split between a deep navy blue that’s being pushed out of the sky by the yellow light of day.

I enjoyed my 5km run. I found myself overstriding at about the 2km mark, which irritated my calves and ITB. While in the past this would have angered or frustrated me, today I slowed down to a walk for about 200m to reset myself before setting off again at a run. When I started to run again, I took smaller quicker lighter steps, rather than trying to push my body to run faster. It felt really good and I was disappointed when I got home at the end of the loop because I could have kept running a bit more.

Total: 5km road run


2 responses to “Morning run

  1. I had an early morning run very similar to yours on the other side of the world. It was a gorgeous morning, and thankfully cool. We don’t have many of those left before the heat and humidity settle back in.

    • It’s strange to think that you are getting ready for summer while things are cooling down here. 🙂 Nice to have the link of running across both sides of the world

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