International blogger run

With Mary on Story Bridge

With Mary on Story Bridge

Today I had the chance to run with Mary from Minutes per mile; a blog I have been following for some time. Mary and her fiance Anthony live in Washington DC but when I noticed on her Minutes per mile that they are currently holidaying here in Brisbane, I couldn’t help but make contact to see whether we could go for a run together.

It turns out Mary and Anthony look exactly like they do on Minutes per mile. I recognised them straight away; it was almost like meeting up with someone I see every other week. Together, we went on an 8km run along the river, taking in South Bank Parklands, the Kangaroo Point cliffs, the Story Bridge, the commercial district down along the city-side of the river and the Botanic Gardens. I usually run at about 6min/km while Mary and Anthony must run much faster because Mary runs marathons in the 3:30s – 3:40s, so it was no surprise that I found myself running a little faster than usual. It felt really good too 🙂

I I love American accents. I know it’s currently uncool to say that in many social circles in Australia but that’s okay. I love that they have different accents across the US. So it was awesome to run along listening to Mary’s accent (Anthony is from Australia so he doesn’t have an accent – well, not to me anyway).

Thanks for meeting up with me for a run. It was really cool to meet up with a fellow blogger and to share a run together.

Total: 8.2km road run


8 responses to “International blogger run

  1. You would love my Texas accent!

  2. Or “Texas twang” as we call it.

  3. Fascinating to think of the connections we can make through blogging. So many accents!

  4. How cool that you were able to meet a fellow blogger this way! Very neat!

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