Looking for a team mate for two events

Unfortunately, my Whoops Witch Way team mate has to travel overseas for urgent family business so she’s no longer able to race with me in our next rogaine and adventure race. So I’m looking for a team mate to come along to either (or both) the:

Both races are being held within 2 hours of Brisbane, Australia. Cost is:

  • $10 membership to Rogaining Qld for the Navigate Like Byron race
  • $80 for the iAdventure sprint race (which is cheaper than early bird entry).

You do not need to have any rogaining, adventure racing or navigation experience. I’m happy to use these two events as opportunities to introduce you to either or both sports. All you need is:

Navigate Like Byron rogaine

  • Ability to walk for up to 8 hours with rests
  • Sense of adventure because we are likely to get geographically embarrassed at times
  • Transport to / from the event
  • Your own food for the duration of the event

iAdventure Sprint Adventure Race

  • Mountain bike and Australian safety approved helmet
  • Whistle
  • Ability to cycle off-road on fire trails and simple single tracks (it is okay to walk uphill or through technical sections of the course)
  • Ability to walk for up to 4 hours with rests
  • Sense of adventure because anything can happen during an adventure race (though we are less likely to get lost than in the rogaine)
  • Transport to / from the event
  • Your own food for the duration of the event

Unfortunately, we are unlikely to get a chance to train together before the events because I have a Scout camp and the Adventure Race Australia this weekend. But, hey, if we both bring our sense of humour with us it can still be fun.

If you are interested, leave a comment and I’ll be in touch by email (while your email address doesn’t show publicly, I can see it through the administrator function in my blog).

15 responses to “Looking for a team mate for two events

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  2. Reposted on my site to help you out. Good luck!

  3. Good luck! I could not keep up with that, but if I could, I would fly there to join you!

  4. Me, me, me! Oh, wait a second … need own transport to the event … might be tricky to sort out and I’m not sure a trip to Australia is in my plan! 🙂 Hope you find someone!

  5. Want to very badly. Can’t move my son’s birthday and a work commitment.
    Good luck.

  6. Would love to Chris but a bit of a hike from Melbourne for me. Although given the weather here today, a trip north would be very enjoyable. Best of luck

    • LOL. Yes, I can imagine it’s starting to cool down in Mexico (sorry, couldn’t resist – I am a Queenslander after all 🙂 ).

      • Ha I’m actually a Queenslander too. I grew up on the Atherton Tablelands. But you’re right about the weather down here. Today is a classic, grey, rainy, cold Melbourne day.

  7. I might be able to help you out. Send me an email.

    • Hey Pete,

      Sorry for the slow response. I’ve been away camping without internet for the weekend.

      I ended up deciding to withdraw from both races. Much as it would be fun to try them with another team mate, it just wouldn’t be the same as racing with my sister. And she’s a big part of the reason I enjoy AR so much.


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