Morning sights

So green by Andrew Gills
So green, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I lie in bed listening to the kookuburras herald the dawn. I’ve been going to bed late due to my partner working night shift. But I’m keen for a run so I stop hitting snooze (I’ve hit it five times now) and get up. At least it’s daylight now.

Outside, the Autumn air is refreshing but we’ve not yet slipped into Winter’s cold. I start out wearing my buff and wind vest. But within a kilometre I’ve stowed them in my hydro belt and am enjoying the sensation of the air cooling my ears and the bald patch on my skull.

The world is waking up and by the time I am halfway through my run the streets are starting to hum with the sounds of commuters leaving home. It’s not yet 7am but that’s how things are in the far outer suburbs.

I’m enjoying my running again. I have missed it these past months.

Total: 9.5km road run


3 responses to “Morning sights

  1. I’m going to live vicariously through your winter of running!

  2. Just returned to running after an injury, but I meant because our hot summer is on the way.

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