University holidays

Totally not adventure related but I just submitted my final university paper for the semester so now I can just chill and enjoy myself until semester 2 starts in late July.

3 responses to “University holidays

  1. That was an adventure all to itself. . . (what was the paper on?) Congratulations!

    • I had 3 exams and 4 essays this semester for my 2 subjects. Last nights’ paper was about literacy teaching strategies. Last week I submitted a paper for my other subject. It was about how Scout leader training is an example of a cognitive apprenticeship.

      Next semester I am taking Contexts of Adult & Vocational Education, and an elective Franchising & Small Business. I’ll start doing the readings next week based on past study guides. That will give me a 6 week head start on the semester so that I don’t have to work as hard during term.

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