High ropes course

Walk the swinging plank

Walk the swinging plank

One of the best things about being a Scout leader is the opportunity to do some really cool activities that I otherwise wouldn’t get to do. Sure, it’s all about the youth members, but that doesn’t mean that we adults can’t have some fun while we’re at it.

Spider's web high in the sky

Spider’s web high in the sky

On Saturday morning, eight Scouts and two Leaders went to the Thunderbird Park high ropes course to challenge ourselves to some games high off the ground.

Two caribbeaners for safety

Two caribbeaners for safety

With just two caribeaners and a harness to prevent us from plummeting to our deaths, the experience seemed to be simultaneously fun and scary for many of the youth members. Sure, there were those who made it look easy. But there were others who overcame great fears being suspended up in the air completing the games.

Slat bridge

Slat bridge

It was a pleasure to see the unbridled joy on their faces after they conquered their fears. I even got a high five after one of the Scouts crossed a long and fast flying fox that had caused him to almost freeze up in fear.

Tight rope walker

Tight rope walker

As a novice leader, this was a wonderful learning experience. As an outdoor adventurer, it was a great chance to play amongst the trees.

Total: 4 hours of high ropes adventure


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