A long time between trail runs

Trail running by Andrew Gills
Trail running, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

I dragged my sleepy body out of bed two hours before the sun. The ground was wet from overnight rain and the track through the grass paddock had turned into a creek. It didn’t take long before my feet were soaking wet.

I was meant to do a 24km training run late last week but after my 11km mid-week run my hip and back played up a bit so I took the rest of the week off.

This morning I decided to go for a 2-3 hour run / walk along the bush trails near home. It was just what I needed before work: some time out amongst the trees.

For almost two hours I ran in darkness, my vision restricted to the narrow beam of my Ayup headlamp. I ran along single track and fire trails, getting soaked by the water drops that I brushed off the tree branches I ran through. The she-oak forest was the worst – the furry leaves like car wash brushes soaking my skin and clothes.

As the sun came up I followed a new single track I’ve not noticed before. I thought I was heading home but ended up running an extra three to four kilometres instead. Not that it mattered – I was enjoying myself.

Tonight my shins are a bit tender and my sacroilliac joint is a bit twingy. So I will take another day off tomorrow to recover. I doubt my body will ever be up to high mileage (it’s never handled it in the past) but I enjoy running so I’d rather keep working on my base fitness and inching my way towards the Brisbane Marathon. Even if I do end up running at 8:00 kilometres like I have been training at.

Total: 17.27km trail run / walk


3 responses to “A long time between trail runs

  1. I think just the joy of being out on the trail alone for a few hours is enough reward in and of itself. You have comes so far in both your training and in your writing about it. I love reading about your various adventures.

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