Touch the sign and turn around

My marathon training program wants me to be running distances of 24+km at this stage of my preparations but I’m nowhere near ready to do that yet. Not that I’m worried – I knew when I signed up for the marathon that I am not going to be breaking any records.

This morning my alarm went off at an ungodly 4:30am. It was dark and cold but the stars were beautiful as I set off down the road.

I didn’t have a distance or destination in mind today. I just wanted to run slowly for about two hours, walking when I needed to. I followed the gravel road out to the new estate near my house. I climbed the fence they’ve put up and continued to follow the road south-west.

The road is so familiar that, despite the darkness, I knew I was passing bushland, dams, wallabies and a miniature pony farm. Onwards I continued past the more horses, houses and paddocks until I reached a good spot to turn around. I’d been running / walking for just under an hour and was feeling better with every passing minute.

As I turned for home, the horizon was starting to glow the familiar colours of dawn. Before long the sun had risen and was warming my skin.

The run wasn’t fast or spectacular; but I enjoyed the time daydreaming about the ultras I want to attempt later this year and the 100km trail run I want to run in 2014. I thought about how I will run them differently to those I’ve done in the past and how, rather than being my goal, the Brisbane Marathon will be a step towards my ultra dreams.

Total: 15km road run


6 responses to “Touch the sign and turn around

  1. Slowly and steady wins the day sometimes! πŸ˜€

    • That’s what I’m learning Vixx. I am so inspired by your recent marathon efforts and also by the enjoyment you get from running them at a speed that is more in line with where I run. I used to run with a club and it was all about running marathons in sub-4:30 times. I didn’t enjoy that at all. But now that I know the man who inspired me to get into ultra running is completing marathons in the 5:00s I feel like I can also enjoy the marathon / ultra experience without having to be fast. Thanks man πŸ™‚

  2. Yay! Good for you. What an enjoyable entry!
    I will start my 18 week program to train for a half marathon after my September Triathlon. Yes. I did write that. Egads!
    Your blog will help me stay motivated–thank you for sharing your journey! πŸ™‚

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